About Boojee Beads

We blame it on Katie …

What started with a simple strand of beads lovingly crafted at school by a daughter for her mom sparked a holiday conversation that’s led to a years-long collaboration between two sisters-in-law who string family alongside business with beautiful results.

Today those playful lanyard necklaces made one-by-one at a kitchen table have grown into a carefully curated boutique of innovative, functional products that reflect the times and run the gamut from sparkly badge reels to sophisticated fitness jewelry.

Not bad for a school project.



Our Leaders

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About Lisa

Lisa’s daughter, Katie, crafted the first lanyard as a school project. As any proud mom would, Lisa wore the necklace to the pediatric hospital where she worked as a nurse, badge clipped to the bottom. Colleagues and patients alike loved the lanyard and a small business was born. Katie and Lisa happily crafted custom lanyards for other nurses in the basement of their home, and soon the hospital was a much cheerier spot.

About Kimberly

Coming off of a hectic corporate career, Kimberly was ready for a change. As she gathered with her extended family on Christmas Eve, Kimberly learned about Lisa’s home business – and saw an opportunity. She stayed up all that night, as she says, “High on adrenaline and Christmas cookies …”  and hatched a business plan. She convinced Lisa that it really could work and the business was born. Of course every business needs a great name, and Katie came through again, suggesting “BooJee,” which was the family nickname for Kimberly’s youngest son, Bret.


Our Mission

BooJee Beads, a certified Woman-Owned Business based in Newbury, Ohio, was created by Lisa and Kimberly to help women turn boring work IDs into a fashion statement with beautiful beaded lanyards and, in the process, discover their own unique workplace style.

 Today, as Entrepreneur magazine said, we help you “define workplace chic” with a stylish and versatile collection of on-trend fashion ID jewelry, badge holders and accessories. Our family of brands includes BooJee and ID Avenue beaded, fabric, and chain lanyards and badge reels; Fit & Fab fitness activity tracker jewelrythe Harrington Lane collection of handbags and wallets; and the Eyexotic line of gorgeous eyeglass necklaces and leashes.

 Our goal is to give you all of the accessories you need to dress up your workplace wardrobe and take your workday outfits from day to night. Discover your new style with BooJee Beads!