Be Grateful Ribbon Lanyard with Detachable Badge Reel

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Be Grateful Checkered Ribbon Lanyard with Detachable Badge Reel

This collection of badge reels was made in coordination with Anne Pryor and her collection of Lovitude™ Soul Paintings (means Love and Gratitude), these paintings have been called 'visual blessings'. Created with breath, (no brushes), ink and essential oils (frankincense, myrrh, and gold). Paintings activate souls. Inspired by a friend who passed, Anne began painting in 2017.

This ribbon lanyard ID holder has a black and white checkered pattern and a badge reel with a floral design and an inspirational quote that reads "Be Grateful". At the bottom of the fabric lanyard is a removable badge reel. A retractable nylon cord rolls in and out of the reel, allowing you to easily swipe your ID card holder or access badge when needed.

  • Washable polyester ribbon allows for fashion and durability
  • 3 in 1: Detachable bottom badge reel creates three different ways to wear your ID!
  • Badge reel has spinning clip back
  • Hangs 19" from back of the neck to display ID badges clearly

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