Hula Monkey Ribbon Lanyard

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Hula Monkey Patterned Ribbon Lanyard

Now you can show off your funky personality while at work with our 'Hula Monkey' ID lanyard! This super cute ID badge holder is designed out of a fabric that is printed with a pattern featuring the image of a hula dancing, grass skirt wearing monkey girl. The retractable chord allows you to easily swipe or tap your ID or access card without having to completely remove it from the lanyard. We recommend this lanyard necklace for career-oriented ladies such as pediatric nurses, school counselors and teachers.

  • Washable polyester allows for fashion and durability
  • Breakaway clasp holds lanyard safely and securely
  • Hangs 19" from back of the neck to display ID badges clearly
  • 3 in 1: Detachable bottom badge reel creates three different ways to wear your ID!

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