London Gift Set

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London Gift Set

With its stunning silver circles linked by tiny silver and clear crystal globes, the London Fashion Lanyard, with matching bracelet and earrings is sure to make you feel like a world traveler. In fact, the lanyard is so versatile that you can wear it around the world — just take off the ID clasp and wear it as a necklace! Go ahead, close your eyes...can't you picture the tall furry hats, the red uniforms, the changing of the guard? See? You're in London already!

  • Handmade, with matching bracelet and earrings make this a complete set
  • The absolutely stunning ID necklace has silver loops with silver and clear beading.
  • Lanyard hangs 19" from back of the neck to display ID badges clearly (38" long)
  • Magnetic breakaway clasp holds necklace securely AND safely.
  • Removeable fashion ID hook for easy transition from day to night

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