ID Badge Holders, Lanyards, and Badge Reels for Nurses

Does your nursing shift (or your favorite nurse’s day) begin in the wee daylight hours or are you on your way in for a long night shift as the rest of the world is on the road returning home?

Whether it’s day or night, see if you can relate to this description of a typical day in a nursing shift:

  • puffy eyes
  • speed walking through doors and hallways
  • wishing the elevator would move faster
  • a bit of TLC with the patients and nurses
  • lots of admin and communication for documenting and reporting purposes
  • trying to squeeze a candy bar meal in between running around to all your patients
  • constantly misplacing stuff…
  • and coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

Boojee Beads identification jewelry can offer you various features that help nurses with one or two of those all-important parts of your shift.

In fact, did you know that a nurse came up with the lightning bolt idea behind the million-dollar company, Boojee Beads?

It’s true! Nurse Lisa Harrington was working at the Cincinnati Hospital Children’s Ward and her 9-year old daughter hand-decorated her mom’s boring badge reel one day. As soon as Nurse Harrington clocked-in for her shift, the glammed-up badge reel was a hit. The badge reel put her patients at ease and really broke the ice.

The story goes to show that not only is the ID badge reel a “practical” important piece of nurse gear, but so is “pretty.”

Practical Lanyard Buying Tips for Nurses

Nurses lug around a few items with them as part of their job, including these simple items:

  • Parking pass
  • Keycard for doors, supply closets and elevators
  • Old-fashioned metal keys
  • Security ID Card
  • Face masks

And heaven forbid if you lose one of these items!

It can mean a day’s worth of sigh-inducing inconveniences.

Who in the world can keep track of all of these items while running a marathon up and down your clinic and multitasking at heroic levels, anyway?

Essential (and Washable) Lanyard and Retractable Badge Reel Combos

Not only can our own former nurse, Lisa Harrington and now CEO of Boojee Beads attest that our lanyard-retractable badge reel combo is just what a nurse needs, but so do our hundreds of reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon.

Affordable Lanyards

Many companies sell the ribbon lanyard and the ID badge holder separately. At Boojee Beads we have over 60 unique fabric lanyard designs –some specifically with sayings for our esteemed nurse clientele- that include a retractable badge reel! That’s savings right there.

This is a 3-in-1 benefit and with the attractive and fun designs that you can only find exclusively at Boojee Beads.


“Durable and looks exactly as pictured! Great deal for the price.” – verified purchaser

>>Describe your work as a nurse and your personal style and our award-winning team will help you find a lanyard for you! Speak to someone directly at Boojee Beads: Contact us online.

Retractable Action of the Badge Reel

Some badge holders only do that. Hold onto your badge. Therefore, you have to unclip and re-clip your keycard or ID to your lanyard every time you need to use it. If you have to use it often, that can get quite tedious and leaves you vulnerable to losing it!


“This lanyard makes swiping my badge much easier, considering the clip my badge was in had to always be taken off then put back on for every door I had to swipe to get through!” - verified purchaser

A retractable badge reel means never having to unclip your ID badge from your clothing or lanyard again.

Rather; you just tug, the cord extends out to a max of 32”, swipe or show it to your security guard, and then the cord coils itself neatly back in.

Breakaway Safety Clasp

Some lanyards do not have a clasp, but the breakaway clasp is critical for nurses. Most nurses are very active and may find themselves in situations where their lanyard may get snagged on something and the nurse may get hurt.

Most of our lanyards come with a breakaway clasp, so that if the lanyard gets a strong tug, that will pop open by itself. The breakaway safety clasp will be a big help in avoiding a fall or injury.


“The breakaway feature is essential. The company [Boojee Beads] always follows up with me. Will continue to buy these as they wear out.” - verified purchaser

Washable, Polyester Ribbon Lanyard

The ribbon lanyard is of 100% polyester and washable! We all know nursing gear needs to be sanitized frequently, so just unclip the badge reel and pop the ribbon into the washing machine. Our face mask lanyards are also made of polyester and can be washed too.

Get a couple lanyards while you’re at it. You’ll probably want to rotate them, just for a fun change and for washing, too.

Badge Clips That Don’t Ruin Your Clothes

Instead of the old-fashioned pins that make holes in your clothing, the badge reel simply clips onto your clothing. Many of our reels have the option of either a static clip that is (best for hanging off of a pocket), or a spinning alligator clip (which can clip anywhere on your fabric and gives more flexibility).


And let’s not forget that beauty has an unmistakably important place in this world. There’s no use denying human’s affinity for beauty – and no need to want to.

Having beautiful things in an environment affects people in a positive manner.

  • Positive words lead to positive thoughts and positive actions.
  • Happy colors, like blue, green and pink, help augment happiness.
  • Attractive designs distract from negativity and pain.
  • Personal touches create bonds.

Beauty in general turns down tensions and -importantly for nurses- opens doors to trust and conversation.


“This is nice quality with sturdy hardware. I have gotten several compliments in the day and a half I’ve been wearing it.” – verified purchaser


“I get compliments all the time on this. So far the reel has held up with using it at least 20 times a day scanning in and out of doors and its been about a month.” – verified purchaser


Delight someone with a gift that is as pretty as it is practical. Christmas and birthdays aren’t the only moments for gifting. This is a great gift idea, since it will be a constant reminder of your appreciation and you will always remember the delight for giving someone something so fun and practical out of the blue.


“My daughter loved this, I bought it for her for Christmas.”


Speak to us directly at Boojee Beads for a discount on a bulk order for your whole hospital floor or clinic. Contact us online.

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