Together - Hands & Heart Badge Reel

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ID Avenue "We're All in This Together- Hands & Heart" Retractable ID Badge Reel

It is time for everyone to unite! We are in this fight together! Whether you're on the front-line of the pandemic or you want to support someone who is, this reel is perfect for you or as a gift! Features helping hands holding a medical heart and the world. Great message for all.

Measures 1.5" across and is lightweight. The mylar covering makes it easy to wipe clean. A retractable nylon cord rolls in and out of the reel, allowing you to easily swipe your ID card holder at work when needed. A sturdy plastic snap strap attaches to any ID pocket easily.

  • Covered in Mylar, simply wipes clean, easily sanitized
  • 32" retractable cord for quick swiping
  • Spinning alligator clip back
  • ID Pocket sold separately
  • Designed and assembled in the USA